** Merry Christmas and a Happy New Karting Year 1998 **

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Motorsportmässan (Sollentuna 27-30 nov).
Susanne var med på mässan och ställde ut sin ICA kart tillsammans med
Värmdö Motorklubb och Nacka Autodelar. (Klicka på bilden för 200kb gif-bild).

Inomhus-karting. (Södertälje 29 nov). Lördagsrace. Fyra av de främsta F-Mini förarna i Stockholm regionen var inbjudna till en intervju med en lokaltidning och deltog dessutom i lördagsracet som samlat ytterligare 15 deltagare. Fredrik Spångberg var snabbast på tidskörningen. Susanne satte den tredje snabbaste tiden. I tävlingen över 50 varv gick hon ganska snabbt upp i ledningen som hon sedan höll ända in i mål. Under mittendelen av tävlingen kom Michel Bergenstål i fatt henne, men på slutet var Susanne något starkare coch kunde ta hem segern..

Indoor karting för F-Mini förare. (Södertälje 15 nov). Den här inomhustävlingen (med hyrkartar) samlade större delen av den svenska Formel Mini eliten. 29 förare deltog i tävlingen. Varje förare fick köra tre 10 minuters tidskörningar (i olika utlottade kartar). Susanne presterade den snabbaste tiden (med 0.23 sekunders marginal!) och ledde också den första tredjedelen av den 60 varv långa A-finalen. I samband med en varvning föll hon tillbaka till tredje plats. Hon kom igen och återtog andraplatsen men fick ge sig för segrande Jonas Ekman, Klippan. Tredjeplatsen tog Johan Wrang, Järfälla.


Grande Finale (Kristianstad 18-19 oct): The very last ICA Junior race for Susanne. She was very fast in the wet (practice) but had problems with overstear in the time trials where she finished fourth. In the race she ended up third after Stefan Söderberg and Peter Asp but came away with the fastest laptimes in both prefinal and final. [37.27 was actually more than 0.7 sec faster than the best ICA drivers! and also faster than National C! (I know they have better tires but still!?)]

DM-Revansh (Copenhagen 11-12 oct) Susanne stalled the engine in the first heat and got a punkture in heat 2. She fought her way up to 10-11 position in the final were she had to retire after a collosion. During the Sunday Susanne was one of 6 drivers in the Swedish national junior team competing against the other Nordic counties. In four heats Susannes best finishes were 3rd and 5th. The victory was taken by Finland ahead of Sweden and Denmark.

Sverige Cupen (Linköping 4-5 oct): F-Mini was won by Peter Asp, Malmö ahead of Anders Egeland. Susanne was happy to finish third in her last F-Mini race.


MKR-final (Södertälje 27-28 sept): This was Susannes day! She dominated the time trials and heats and it was only John Granström who was able to follow her speed in the final. Susanne won her first MKR race with John second and Anders Egeland third.

AUGUST 1997:

Linköping Swedish Kart Cup, Race 5 & 6 (30-31 aug). Both races in ICA Junior were won by Stefan Söderberg ahead of Niclas Petersson. Susanne showed that her result in Göteborg was not a 'one-of', she was 3rd in the time trials and finished 3rd and 7th in the two races.

Göteborg GP (23-24 aug): Göteborgs GP is traditionally one of the most prestigious events in the Nordic race calendar. This years highly competitive ICA Junior race was won by Niclas Pettersson, Borås MK. Susanne however made her best race ever by finishing second. She was fast all the way from the time trials where she had the second best time just a few hundreds after Niclas. Quite spectacular concidering that the two time trial laps were her first ones ever on supersoft tires (Yellow Vega). We could not afford any for the practice so we used a set of old "Red Vegas". [As a side line Niclas father, Anders, won the Swedish junior championships some 20 years ago in a race where I myself (Stefan) finished "way down in the field"].

Linköping MKR (17 aug). F-Mini was won by Stefan Söderberg. Susanne had a difficult day. She started 13th in the final, was 8th after two laps but made a misstake and whent off the track.

Södertälje Cup, Race 3 (13 aug). Susanne was heading for the victory in F-Mini with only two bends to go. Since I dont like to use dirty words I won't tell you what happend there but it made a lot of people upset, including Susanne who finished third after that "incident".

Nordic Championship winners (Göteborg 8-10 aug): Kimmo Liimatainen, Finland (Formula A), Sami Kalliokoski, Finland (ICA), Håkan Jansson, Sweden (Nordic C) and Pekka Saarinen, Finland (ICA Junior). Susanne was plagued by engine preblems forcing her to retire right after the start of the final. We later localized the problem to a defect cable in the ignition system.

JULY 1997:

Gävlepokalen (26 July) had 39 participants in the Mini class. Most of the race was driven in wet which Susanne is quite fond of these days. She finished 2, 2, 1 in the three heats and started second in the final which was won by Michelle Bergenstål. Susanne was second just ahead of Stefan Söderberg.

Swedish Championships (18-20 July) See results below (no junior class unfortunatly)

Dala Cup ( 5-12 July) with races in Mora, Borlänge and Hedemora. The Mini class was won by Fredrik Spångberg. Susanne was third after finishing 5, 4 and 2 in the three races. There were close to 50 participants in the Mini class.